Turkey Cranberry Pesto Sandwich

by Jennifer on August 25, 2009

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While my mom was visiting, I took advantage of the chance to do some blogging and tweeting (@savorthethyme) sans kids and went to the local Starbucks. While I as there, I decided to peruse the food selection and latched onto a Turkey Cranberry Pesto Sandwich. I consumed and knew I could make an even better version at home (sorry but my pesto kicks starbucks).

Once I arrived home, I made a lively pesto with the basil from a friends garden and used, well heck, I will share the pesto recipe in another post. To make the sandwich, here is what you need:

Sliced Turkey Meat (nitrate free deli slices)
Lettuce (farmer’s market)
Dried Cranberries (Nature’s Prmosie)
Pesto (homemade)
Fresh Bread

Assemble and consume.

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