EatingWell Wednesday – Tangerine or Orange Scented Green Bean

by Jennifer on November 25, 2009

Shopping Sunday mornings alone is an event I look forward to each week. It is relatively quiet and without children, I can often have a clear head to brainstorm. Today I saw the pile of Tangerines at the produce end-cap and knew that Tangerine scented green beans were in our future.
Luckily, my children enjoy many citrus fruits, but I tell my friends to always try foods in a different way: raw, roasted, mixed in with favorites. Basically, think outside the box, I also like to show the family how you may not necessarily enjoy a food in one form, but find joy in another. This includes the rind of a tangerine.
Once I arrived home, I headed to EatingWell and followed their Orange Scented Green Bean recipe however, I used thawed organic frozen green beans (score on the sale!) and tangerine peel.

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