Healthy Lunch Ideas: Use Fit & Fresh

by Jennifer on October 5, 2011

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Do you recall when I told you about the Kindergarten teacher ‘stealing’ my son’s lunch? Did I also share with you that a number of teacher’s and parents have asked me about the kids lunches and what I am packing them in?

I am not making this up my peeps. My favorite hardware to use when packing their lunches is…..Are you ready cause this is top secret stuff I am about to divulge?

Fit & Fresh containers! Not kidding.

Let me tell you how I found them: I waltzed into my local Stop & Shop and noticed the clearance bin full of ‘Fit & Fresh’ containers. I had not seen them before and was blown away. From the chill containers to the lunch pod, I am hooked.

After school each day, I clean the containers and toss the appropriate pieces back into the freezer and they are ready the next day.

It makes it so much easier to pack fruits, vegetables and even soups. Using them reduces the waste of food and packing materials and offers convenience that I greatly appreciate. Another bonus, is the kids have fun choosing the containers to use each day and helping me pack them up.

Want to check out the products, get some healthy lunch ideas or even ask questions? Jump on over to their Facebook page and join in the conversation.

How do you keep food cold & fresh on the go/in lunch boxes?

robin elton October 5, 2011 at 11:56 pm

We use the Fit & Fresh containers too! Because a cold pack allows for way more lunch options, but most hog all the lunchbox real estate. (And believe me, I’ve tried an ENORMOUS variety of containers in my quest for the waste-free lunch.) *But* I have found that ours have become difficult to close already, the lid has to be just so to snap shut. Not a big deal for most of us, but my 7yo most decidedly does not excel in ‘just so.’

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