A Day In The Life……Furry Trees

by Jennifer on March 17, 2012

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Had today been a lucky day for you? Ours has been a clumsy day but you will have to wait until tomorrow to read about it. All I will say is ‘pass the cold compress please’.

Friday, March 16th

Morning: work, work, work…..worked on pantry video, worked on ideas with a friend I am teaming up with (exciting!) and posted the Kale Chips!

Noon: Gym with hubby and then lunch (Black Bean Quesadilla with Hot Pepper Cheese & Baby Spinach)

2:00 Picked up the babes and after snacking and changing, we spent time playing on Wii.

4:00 Reading, drawing, crafting etc.

5:00 Dinner was comprised of a huge salad each followed by pizza and coffee as sleepy.

6:30 Wrote and scheduled ‘Day In The Life’ post.

7:30 Lorax Movie (hence, reference to the furry trees)

10:00 Watched hubby fall asleep while I read.

Was your St. Patrick’s Day lucky?

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