A Day In The Life: The Bucket List, Odds & A Patriotic Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Recipe

by Jennifer on April 10, 2012

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‘There is no time like the present’ the saying goes. I took that saying to heart and planned a last minute trip to Washington D.C. this past weekend because I wanted to cross an item off my Bucket List.

The item I decided to cross of was to prance among the blooming Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington D.C. Each year I either forget about it until I see Al Roker talking about how beautiful they looked or I completely forgot or there was time no chance for time off of work but this year I was going dang it all.

We quickly planned the trip and asked each family member shared their must-see:

Mine: Walk around the Tidal Basin amongst the Cherry Blossom trees followed by a Paddle-boat trip around the Basin.

Hubby: Just being with us in D.C. having fun

Ben: The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial

Isabel: The White House

Naturally, I tossed together some snacks including the Trail Mix I am sharing with you today.

The trip was exciting enough until I found out the day before we left that some close friends were going as well so we planned to meet up and surprise the kids! The devised plan was to surprise the kids by just happening to run into them in front of The White House.

Mission accomplished!

p.s. I have some stitch in your side stories funny related to this trip coming up so stay tuned! Now, off to finish up the laundry and work on building a patio (not kidding)

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