A Day In The Life: TLC, Protected Table & Gold Fairy Dust

by Jennifer on May 9, 2012

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I don’t know how this has happened. Somehow the basement has become a mess. There used to be organized shelves, labeled plastic bins and toys in one area.

I am wondering if trolls have been living down there because it has become a mangled, tossed about mess but I am determined to whip it into shape. I began by breaking down and stacking miscellaneous empty boxes and now I am going through bins and sorting through years of ‘stuff’.

See, while the house was on the market, I had the habit of keeping things in order by placing papers into a plastic tub telling myself I would go through them each week. Guess I missed a ‘few’ weeks. In fact, I wonder if TLC would like to record this for an episode of ‘Hoarders’

At any rate, while I was busy sorting, I had made a pile of cake making supplies and left said items on the kitchen table. The kids had been playing near me but after a while I realized they had gone upstairs and were being mischievous so I went to peek at them. As I emerged from the basement, I found that the kitchen was in a swirl of sparkly magical fairy dust, I looked at the kids and saw their faces were covered in glitter. They took off running so I looked around trying to figure out the source of the magical sparkles and saw the open container of Wilton gold dusting powder.

I recruited my under age cleaning crew and set them work cleaning. Ben ended up declaring his love of vacuuming so I plan to take advantage of that as often as possible.

After cleaning, we went outside as we finally had a sunny dry day so I set about applying protectant to the new patio table. During this time, Isabel was working on her ornithology homework while Ben decided to arrange outdoor chairs all over the yard, as far as he could carry them.

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