A Day In The Life: Piles, Books & Malt Vinegar

by Jennifer on July 19, 2012

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You guys are going to be sooooo jealous when you see what I did the first half of the day on Tuesday. Ready?

oh yes, and then a bit of this….

Sense a theme? Yup, piles. Piles to be washed. This led to reminders of how dang sore my neck is so after a little banana protein shake I decided….

we needed a bit of this….

I told the kids that we are packing light because Mommy can’t carry anything onto the beach thanks to her hurt neck/back so this was a minimalist’s dream of a beach visit. After an hour and a half, we headed home.

Then the girls were off for the first day of competitive gymnastics team training. I decided to lie back to rest my neck and read a classic.

Soon enough, I discovered I was hungry yet had not packed any snacks (gasp!) however, I did find a stash in the car. I decided I wasn’t that hungry.


Debra August 11, 2012 at 1:19 pm

Except for the sore neck/back I liked your day.

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