A Day In The Life: Swinging, Faucets & More Teak

by Jennifer on July 11, 2012

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Friday, before our date, we saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a year and spent some time swinging in the park. Do you get outside everyday? We took the kids walking around the park as well and found there were scavenger hunts scattered around.

Saturday we spent plenty of time mowing, laundry etc. and then headed out to shop for some outdoors items for the patio & deck. We ended up purchasing some teak chairs and a teak potting bench.

The we headed to BJ’s Wholesale and spotted this huge (and it is big) block of feta. Our daughter almost bit into it.

Sunday began with the kids playing outside while daddy began a new project while I headed to the gym….

The project I refer to is adding a faucet to the outdoor patio area….it proved to be more of a challenge than we anticipated (hint: burn on hubby’s left cheek)….

However, as you saw at the top of this post, he was successful!

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