A Day In The Life: A Social, Antiquing in Mystic, A Wedding and Fancy Window Cleaning

by Jennifer on September 17, 2012

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Phew, we made it through the whirlwind of a weekend with only one nap – okay, it was more along the lines of passing out but hey, I blame that on Hashimoto’s and an achy neck (but it getting better).

Friday night was a departure from our usual Friday family game, movie and popcorn night as the back to school Social was on the agenda. My daughter got a dressed in her sparkly dress and flower hair accessory and was quite disappointed when Mom came out in jeans and a nice top.

I was sent back in my room to try again and only a dress and heels would be approved. Guess what my buddy Kim said when I arrived to the social? ‘Wow, a bit overdressed tonight I see.’

Saturday began with a quiet cup of coffee as everyone slept in late and I found myself watching a children’s cartoon – my favorite ‘Peep and the big wide world.

Once the rest of the family awoke, the usual cleaning for the transfer station ensued while I headed out to bring some of the kids clothes to a consignment store, pick up a medication and then get to our son’s Soccer game. After the soccer game, we went to ‘Mine’ in Mystic.

Mine is sort of ‘American Pickers’ type of store (aka Antique shop) where we found an old antique head and foot board for our daughter’s new double/full bed. Score!

The kids then has some time to play before we put on our fancy dudes and headed to Massachusetts for a Wedding. Apparently, our son wore his dancing shoes. I will share some video of his dance-a-thon Wednesday.

Lucky for me, there was a bit of time for cuddling with my hubby…..isn’t he handsome? What is my hair doing? Time for a haircut for sure.

Sunday was a major day of cleaning. You know the cleaning you do that really does not make the house look cleaner but needs to get done? The window cleaning, taking the sponge to the doors and trim etc. Now you know why I needed a nap.

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