Swim Mom Tips: Snacks To Pack Your Swimmer For A Swim Meet

by Jennifer on October 26, 2015

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Wow – it has been many weeks since I last posted. I drafted, I planned, I photographed and yet, the posts never published.

Let me make that up to you. I have recently became a ‘Swim Mom’ as our son is now on a competitive swim team (and yes, our daughter is still on a competitive gymnastics team).

Before our first swim meet, I asked a fellow blogger and swim mom what they packed. Since then, we have a attended two more meets and I have learned what works and doesn’t work for our swimmer.

First the rules:
Nothing ‘heavy’ as a swimmer may want to snack between heats and you do not want them getting too full.

Nibbles not large servings – again, as stated above, no getting full.

Pack for you and other family members as well. Some meets may have food for sale but don’t bet on it, and since these meets can take a large portion of day, plan and pack.

Second, the snacks:
Yogurt sticks,
Apple slices and peanut butter
Chia seed chips
Cheese & Crackers, String cheese
Carrots & Hummus
Apple sauce
Juice boxes

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