Family Fun with Dr. Eureka

by Jennifer on June 19, 2016

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Did you know I am a Science nerd? No really, I have a degree in Science and work in the clinical research field.

This means anything related to Science excites me. Therefore, when I was asked if my family wanted to try the game Dr. Eureka, I was intrigued.

The premise of the game basically a game of speed and logic. See, the brilliant Dr. Eureka “has important experiments for you to complete”.

Each person has three test tubes and six colorful balls. You pick a challenge card from the pile and have to create the scientific formula by carefully moving the balls from tube to tube without dropping them. The balls , in each test tube needs to match what is shown on the challenge card – who ever completes first, wins.

The game states for ages over six, but I think your child should be a bit older or may get frustrated as this is a hands-on, dexterity-based, brainteaser type of game.

Dr Eureka

Disclosure: The game was provided for my family to use and then share on opinions.

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