Whipped Ricotta Hummus Salsa Toast Recipe

by Jennifer on February 5, 2017

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When you work at home, you can easily get in a ‘grab whatever you see’ rut.

I ‘accidently’ decided to break that rut.

I grabbed some hummus but found we were out of carrots.

I grabbed some salsa but found we were out of chips.

I grabbed some ricotta but saw we were out of pasta, and sauce.

I decided to whip the hummus and ricotta together, spread it on toast, and saw it looked rather boring.

I decided rather than spend time chopping up some veggies, I would top it with some pico de gallo style salsa.

I was very happy with the result, and so was my husband because he took the second piece off my plate and walked into his office.

Whipped Ricotta Hummus Toast Recipe

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