Slime Making Tips, Tricks, Pros, Cons, and Recipes from a Tween & Parent

by Jennifer on March 23, 2017

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a Facebook status involving slime (like, why can’t I find glue at the store when I need it?), and boy, it resulted in plenty of conversation.

Then a few days ago I shared a photo of my son when I caught him trying to remove the evidence of slime that had gotten stuck on the ceiling in the playroom.

So, I got to thinking about slime: pros, cons, tips etc., and as a thoughtful friend & parents, I thought I would share.

Slime Recipes Tips:

*Use scented lotion to add scent.

*Use glitter for pizzazz and texture.

*Use plastic beads (current trend).

*To add color to your slime, use food coloring or acrylic paint.

*Recipes using borax work best.

*Use shaving cream to make the slime fluffy.

*Look up ‘butter’ slime, as according to my tween, it is the next slime trend.

*Keep slime in an airtight bag or container to keep it from drying out.


Pros to letting your kids make slime:

*Crafting type of entertainment

*Non -Technology activity.

*Creative outlet.

*Kids love to poke and stretch and stretch it.


Cons to letting your kids make slime:

*Another mess that made and supplies to be left on the table.

*Slime can stain your ceiling should your kids decide slime should be tossed in the air or stuck to walls.

*There are chemicals involved in recipes, so making sure they wash their hands when they are done creating.


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