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When my husband is working at home alone, it makes sense for him to use a single serve pod type of brewing system. However, when we entertain, we pull out the multi-cup coffee pot. You know, the ‘old-fashioned’ kind.

Seeing that we love to entertain, we always have some quality coffee on hand in order to meet different tastes and preferences. Usually that includes a dark roast, light roast and a decaf variety. Therefore, when Millstone contacted me about entertaining with their new varieties, it was a no-brainer.

By the way, coffee not just for drinking. In summer, not only do I drink iced coffee but I want to eat iced coffee for dessert. Therefore, when entertaining, go ahead with serving a dark roasted coffee dessert and a lighter roast or decaf variety to drink!

Millstone® premium packaged coffee has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of two new blends including  Millstone Mayan Black OnyxTM and House Blend varieties. For today’s recipe, I used the Mayan Black Onyx which is a darker, bolder coffee.

They use their finest Arabica coffee beans, that are grown high in the mountains before being roasted to produce a dark, full-bodied blend with a bold finish. This blend is Certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade CertifiedTM – Hooray!



Iced Coffee Granita with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Disclosure: I am a Millstone Coffee Blogger and have been compensated for my time and ingredients.



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In early July, the time had finally come: I finished all of the Invisalign trays, we were going to remove the attachments and assess the treatment. (I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board. I will be receiving complimentary treatment from Invisalign).

In case you have not heard of attachments, they are small tooth-colored dots of dental bonding that are placed at precise locations on specific teeth. Attachments are needed because some types of tooth changes are difficult to accomplish with removable braces. It might be that the movement itself is a challenge or possibly the tooth has a shape or sits at an angle that makes it difficult for the aligner to direct pressure to it.  The idea is that this dot of bonding provides an anchor point, one that helps to direct the forces of the aligner more effectively to the tooth.


I was so happy when they polished off the attachments aka, the bumps that were on twelve of my teeth. Those little buggers made moving my teeth more effective but they made it hard to really tell what my altered smile teeth would look like from an angle. I honestly stared in the hand held mirror and smiled at myself. Then the orthodontist asked me what I thought. I told him that my smile looked much better for sure!

He then told me that we could make some further modifications, requiring possible another 6 months of treatment or move forward with fitting me for retainers and putting in the permanent, fixed retainers. I asked more about the fixed retainers and was surprised he was going to put them both my top and bottom teeth. I wasn’t sure what to do and I felt a bit overwhelmed so I told him I need a few days to think.

I talked to my husband and kids and they loved seeing my new smile and convinced me to leave my new smile alone. My husband said that one could always find room for improvement in many areas but my smile looked great and you know what? He was right!

I realized that I feel confident with my new smile so I needed to just move forward. I headed back to the Orthodontist and they took impressions of my gums for the fixed retainers – I will share that experience in my next update!


Disclosure: I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board.followfollow I will be receiving complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own.


Grilled Skirt Steak with Green Bean Salad and Citrus Vinaigrette

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In my last post, I mentioned a fantastic dinner we had with friends and so I just to tell you about the meal. Our friends made Grilled Skirt Steak with Green Bean Salad and Citrus Vinaigrette  by Bon Appetit. Since last weekend, I have been thinking about making it myself and how I would adapt […]

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A Trip to Gillette Castle in Connecticut

Thumbnail image for A Trip to Gillette Castle in Connecticut July 27, 2014

This summer our son has discovered a passion for geography and travel. We now have two large wall maps, a World Map and Map of the U.S,. in our home and our son is staring at it and learning more about our Country and World each day. Interestingly, unless we are taking a plane to […]

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Mercat a la Planxa: A Chicago Tapas Restaurant

Thumbnail image for Mercat a la Planxa: A Chicago Tapas Restaurant July 15, 2014

Hello from the Windy City! I am here for a business trip and arrived hungry. I headed next door, with some colleagues, to ‘Mercat a la Planxa’ at the Blackstone Hotel. Because we arrived at an ‘off time’ aka between lunch and dinner, we could only order off a small tasting menu but we were happy […]

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The Fruits and Vegetables of our Labor: The Raised-Bed Garden

Thumbnail image for The Fruits and Vegetables of our Labor: The Raised-Bed Garden July 13, 2014

We just ate an abundance of green beans from our garden tonight and will be attacking the sugar snap peas with our dinner tomorrow night.  It has been so rewarding watching the kids pick and enjoy the food from the garden. The problem will now be how to get the kids to enjoy frozen veggies […]

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