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The week before school began, we took a trip to Virginia. In order to save a bit of time, we split the distance by flying to D.C./MD. and then driving to Williamsburg. Naturally, once we got to Maryland, we had to indulge in some crab cakes.


We planned our trip to focus on Colonial Williamsburg for the history and culture. The first place we stopped was the Great Hopes Plantation, where we let the kids experience how hard you had to work for a meal.


They also learned what you had to go through just to get a nice piece of lumber.


All that hard work created a craving for something sweet so the boys snuck into McKenzie’s and grabbed two cookies (that’s right, none for the girls)


We went for a mansion tour, watched a re-enactment and then the kids punished us in the middle of town.


But we got them back.


The post office visit was one of the kids’ favorite – they could grasp how long it would take to print even one page of news.  Then we went upstairs and mailed some post cards with the stamp hand-canceled with the reproduction Williamsburg postmark, followed by a visit to the market, magazine, and lunch at Chownings.


To wrap up Day 1, we took a lovely carriage ride. Only the rich folks could do this back then, so we felt like royalty as we sauntered through the streets.

Disclosure: We were provided media tickets. All statements are my own.


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When my husband is working at home alone, it makes sense for him to use a single serve pod type of brewing system. However, when we entertain, we pull out the multi-cup coffee pot. You know, the ‘old-fashioned’ kind.

Seeing that we love to entertain, we always have some quality coffee on hand in order to meet different tastes and preferences. Usually that includes a dark roast, light roast and a decaf variety. Therefore, when Millstone contacted me about entertaining with their new varieties, it was a no-brainer.

By the way, coffee not just for drinking. In summer, not only do I drink iced coffee but I want to eat iced coffee for dessert. Therefore, when entertaining, go ahead with serving a dark roasted coffee dessert and a lighter roast or decaf variety to drink!

Millstone® premium packaged coffee has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of two new blends including  Millstone Mayan Black OnyxTM and House Blend varieties. For today’s recipe, I used the Mayan Black Onyx which is a darker, bolder coffee.

They use their finest Arabica coffee beans, that are grown high in the mountains before being roasted to produce a dark, full-bodied blend with a bold finish. This blend is Certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade CertifiedTM – Hooray!



Iced Coffee Granita with Vanilla Whipped Cream

Disclosure: I am a Millstone Coffee Blogger and have been compensated for my time and ingredients.



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