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Post image for Celebrating with Quintessa Wines at Paragon Restaurant, Foxwoods Resorts Casino

Last week I had the honor of attending a delicious dinner at the Paragon Restaurant at the Foxwoods Resorts Casino. What made the evening even more spectacular was that the entire meal was built around the wines from Quintessa winery.

Paragon Foxwoods Casino

The evening began with a lively selection of Hordueves paired with the Flowers Chardonnay. Every single morsel was exotic and phenomenal.

Paragon Foxwoods Casino

What I found most exciting was how much I enjoyed the Point Judith Skate Wing. Have you tried Skate?

Paragon Foxwoods Casino

The first course served was the ‘House Gin Cured King Salmon’. When the dish was first placed in front of me, I found I was blown away by how pretty it was – I mean really, look at it. I then put aside the fact that the Salmon looked raw and dove right in. I was well rewarded.

It was delicious – so delicious that many asked for seconds. I refrained as I had to leave room in my belly for the other treats to come. To make the course even more enjoyable was that it was served with the very smooth Prisoner Red 2013.

Paragon Foxwoods Casino
The Monkfish was simply lovely and as with everything so far, perfectly matched with the Cabernet Savingnon. I have to admit, I was impressed how different the flavors were when I really paid attention to the food and paired together. Then I would sip the wine all on its own after cleansing my palette.

Paragon Foxwoods Casino

I did not catch a photo of the Veal and the dessert (which was almost too pretty to eat) but I learned two things: I still feel neutral towards the taste of Veal and I could stare at pretty desserts for a long time.

The hand-downs favorite wine at our table was…..drum-roll please….

Paragon Foxwoods Casino

So, are you ready to go dine at Paragon/Foxwoods Resorts Casino and/or run to the package store to grab some Quintessa wines? You should do both – stat.

But before you go anywhere, take a peek at just a snippet of the view – there is an entire large wall overlooking the property – the pièce de résistance.

Paragon Foxwoods Casino

Disclosure: I was a host of Foxwoods Casino. All opinions are my own.


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Post image for Attitash: Outdoor Adventures in New Hampshire & Traveling with Tweens

One of our goals when we traveled to New Hampshire this year was to incorporate a bit of adventure into the vacation. We accomplished that at Attitash. Since we went just before summer officially began in these parts, Attitash was only open on the weekends so we headed there on Saturday and enjoyed it the entire 6 hours it was open.

att sign

The kids looked at all the available attractions: Alpine Slide, Nor-Easter Mountain Coaster, Scenic Chair ride, Climbing wall, Eurobungy Trampoline, Airbag Jump, and the Slacklines and decided to start on the Alpine Slides.


To get up to where the alpine slides actually begin, you take a scenic chair lift up the mountain, grab a car from the pile, load the car and yourself onto the slide and wait for your turn to go.

You then start to pick up speed thanks to gravitational pull but can control the speed through a self-guided break system. There are signs to warn when you must slow down and you best obey them if you want the most enjoyable ride possible.


After going on the slides about 10 times, we meandered over to the Mountain Coaster. What struck me the most the first time going up the mountain coaster, is that it is a 5 minute relaxing ride.


That is followed by a 2 minute coaster cruise down the mountain and, as with the alpine slides, you can slow your car down with the break which my son didn’t want to use at all, naturally!

Next up was the Airbag jump: I had to calm my nerves as I watched the kids leap onto the airbag. The first jump is at the lower platform and if you follow proper form at that jump, you can advance to the higher jumping platform. The kids  and my husband thought it was great and after the first jump, there was no stopping them!


There are also water slides and a small pool area but they were not opening until June 20th. If you are wondering about refreshments, there is a restaurant located in the same building where you buy your tickets. The tickets get you a full 6 hours of adventure in off season and 8 hours during the summer season. You can go on the ZipTour, Mountain Biking, and Horseback riding. (separate ticket purchase).

We had an amazing time and you will too so get going to Attitash.

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Disclosure: I was provided with tickets to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own.


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Wow, just the title is a mouthful. Speaking of mouthfuls, you can fit a few of these mini-meatballs in your mouth. And you will want to because they are good. And fun. Like tasty, cute and fun. Cause they are small. Kids are small too. And cute. But don’t nibble on them.  

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