Mexican Week and Combating Cancer: Grilled Cumin Sugar Snap Peas

by Jennifer on April 29, 2009

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A Mexican inspired side dish that may not seem traditional however, a bit of research on the flavors of Mexico and you will find that cumin and garlic are popular seasonings. I came up with a super simple side dish that you can make on your grill while the chicken is cooking. Seriously, I tore a piece of foil, tossed half the bag of peas on it, sprayed with smart balance, threw the chopped garlic on, sprinkled the cumin and off to the grill it went.

Not only is this dish fast, easy and frugal but it is loaded with great nutrients and cancer fighting ability. Yes, sugar snap peas contain phytochemicals, and according to Living Strong, Living Well, have been shown to prevent or slow genetic damage to cells. While this makes beans beneficial for helping to reduce your risk of many types of cancer, specific research has suggested they are especially potent in preventing prostate cancer. As an added bonus, the high fiber content of beans has been connected with a lower risk of digestive cancers.” Garlic is also well known for it’s cancer fighting abilites and even cumin may have chemopreventive potential by being able to modulate carcinogen metabolism. Interested in more cancer fighting recipes? Please read more at the ‘Cooking to Combat Cancer’ event at Mele Cotte blog.

photo of pre-cooked peas

4 oz sugar snap peas
a few spritzes of smart balance (I guess 10)
a clove of garlic, chopped
~1/8 teaspoon cumin.

Place peas on foil, top with ingredients, loosely fold foil, toss onto gas grill over medium-low heat and let go for 5-8 minutes.

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