Healthier Halloween Treat: Scary Bananas

by Jennifer on October 13, 2010

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In the October edition of Yum Food & Family Magazine, there was this great idea for some Halloween inspired Bananas. All you need are bananas, lollipop sticks, mini-chocolate chips, raisins & peanut butter. Place the bananas in the freezer or consume immediately.

Ingredients (yield: 2 scary bananas)
1 banana
1 lollipop stick
2 mini-chocolate chips
1 raisin
peanut butter

Cut the bananas in half length-wise.  Insert the stick into the bottom of the banana and lie it down. Place a tiny amount of peanut butter onto the pointy part of the chocolate chip and insert as eyes. Then you can either use a raisin or some other candy/fruit as a mouth and again, use peanut butter as the adhesive. 

Lesson: Bananas are a slippery fruit that also turn brown quickly so you need to work fast. I suggest either being completely prepared with supplies and assistants ready to and work quickly to get these into the freezer OR making them to order for immediate consumption.

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