Sautéed Broccoli and Mushrooms with Garlic

by Jennifer on November 12, 2012

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Here is a tip my parental friends: sometimes you can combine a loved food with a less loved food and make mealtime a bit less, um, ‘trying’.

My daughter does not like Broccoli. She does not hate it, but does not like it.

While she was at gymnastics Friday night, I was suddenly inspired to quickly saute the offensive spears with her beloved mushrooms.

The experiment worked well – she was much happier to have come home to see that she did not have to eat ‘trees’ but instead was able to enjoy the mushrooms with pieces of broccoli mixed in.

Give it a try!

What is a veggie combo that you might try at home?

Tamara November 12, 2012 at 3:52 pm

I am so with your daughter; broccoli is my least favorite veggie! Last year I ran a post asking my readers to send me broccoli recipes that would turn my taste buds. They did and I posted a few that I can actually eat and have seconds of!
Adding yours to my ‘to try’ list!

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